I think I’ll probably only be posting hobby/travel stuff from now on.

Because I’m mostly living in the present, there is little need for me to scribble down my feelings on here any more! It’s like living in a very chilled-out state of contentment where only the everyday (like buying food) encroaches. I fully recommend it!! It helps the creation of more good memories to go alongside the bad and other good, and over-thinking doesn’t happen. Even Dad thoughts are lovely and bring laughter, smiles or only a few tears – grief is there, but it’s gentler, and just, sort of, is.

Feeling hugely laid back after a fab day with friends, I re-watched Woodstock (’69) this evening, wanting to see the amazing Joe Cocker perform his cover of The Beatles’ ‘With a Little Help from my Friends’ again. The late 60s was my parents’ era of music and I was brought up listening to Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Yes, The Climax Blues Band, Joni Mitchell, the Stones, The Beatles and the aforementioned Joe Cocker (amongst others. ) It’s also my favourite period of fashion, philosophy, knowledge and art. And the late 60s/early 70s really was also a time where being ‘in the moment’ was welcomed. I don’t mean being irresponsible, falling behind with rent or smoking too much weed, more that after so many horrific wars, people were listening to themselves and accepting it. Judgement was lessened and life was freer; funner!

Hell yes, it’s the way to go.

Have an awesome, fun and wonderful Christmas, lovely people!


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