I’m really hoping these will help other people who’ve been through anxiety or depression,  or are still in it.
Good luck, lovelies!

1. Living in the moment and being content doesn’t involve working out who you are, then accepting it…

It’s more about loving you, whoever you are. You don’t need to know everything about yourself first in order to love it! Try just living – for five minutes at first,  then half-an-hour, then an hour. It’s all about the practice. Do it until it becomes the norm.

And then, try doing different things even if (and this is important) you have a preconceived notion that you won’t enjoy them.

2. Smiling at people is fab.
It’s surprising how good it can make you feel, and how many fantastic new people you can meet this way.  Start with strangers on the street, progress up to people in bars and coffee shops. It’s fun!

3. Living in the moment is all about enjoying whatever it is you’re doing, not thinking about why or how (or even whether) you’re enjoying it…
‘Nuff said.

4. Not judging others is sheer freedom!
It’s surprising how often we judge: ‘She must think I’m really stupid!’ ‘Oh emm gee, look at *that* coat!’ The thing is, life feels really free when you cut out judgements as much as possible.  It’s like, well, just living!

5. We can never predict outcomes or control what others think.
So why do we try? Giving this up is the hardest, but another real release! Buddhist mindfulness and awareness that the mind controls everything about us really helped me. Good blogs include
http://elephantjournal.com and http://tinybuddha.com.

It’s wonderful to realise that if you react in a certain way to something someone said, that you have chosen to feel what you feel.

I’m going to try to stick to these ideas. Let me know if you try them too, or have any more realisations or tips.xx


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