It’s actually working brilliantly!

I recommend this ‘being in the moment’ stuff to anyone who is mired in grief and problems and unhappiness…

Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now’ is wholeheartedly wonderful trash, but strangely, it works… Even if he has just rehashed Buddhist mindfulness into a relatively easy-to-digest form, he does so with a flair and an excellent lack of scientific proof for anything that makes the text an enjoyable read for anyone who likes a personal challenge.

Seriously, though, the issues explored in ‘The Power of Now’ are highly pertinent to modern life with all its strains and stresses; in a world where people find it increasingly more difficult just to live, and not to think too much about the past or the future, the text refocuses us, small chunk after small chunk.

In terms of helping the grieving, Tolle draws on so much Buddhist-influenced thought that his approach is bound to be successful and pretty enlightening. I’ve found that it simply reminds me to either be right there in the grief or to move on from it into a new ‘now’.

Hugely recommended, for a piece of self-help twaddle…


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