As the black-and-white photograph forms a good part of my idea of what is reet good art, luv, I’ve got to admit that I have a long way to go. But these were my first ever experience with a flash gun, and I managed to avoid the return of an entire packet of underexposed, unusable rubbish. It was a flippin’ awful venue for taking photographs in too: all ceiling and little wall; a sandpit of off-white atmosphere and shop-esque straight-run fairy lights behind the band bouncing light off my lenses. The band (the brilliantly good The Rusty Pegs, if you’re wondering) made photographing them easy.

Ended up with about 15 well-composed, decently-timed shots out of a 24 exposure film, so I might grin for a day or two before terming it ‘beginner’s luck’ and getting all scared, all over again.


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