A photo of a print from a dalliance in London, accompanied by my sexysexy Praktica BX-20 SLR.

Taken on a (frankly) bloody freezing day in Whitechapel with a 50mm Carl Zeiss lens (mmm, more sexy) I spotted these two ladies bent like hooded caterpillars over the courgettes, temporarily hunched and at times immobile as they prodded and poked and picked out the best specimens, and the rest of the world just carried on around them.

It’s clear from this print that the film was scratched but it’s all part of the risk of not using digital, I guess. This one was to test composition, see if I could still do it. I think I can, and so the new-old hobby was born (re-born?), slowly to mutate (probably) into digital form – though it will be no less manual if I can find the right camera (Anyone want to donate me a Fujifilm XE-1 or XPro-1?)



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